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In the last number of years, the studio has been offering one-on-one workshops (two to three days) for established and emerging artists who want to add sandblast-carved glass to their toolbox.

Contact the shop for details.


Spending time with John was so many good things.  His shop is a who’s who of west coast native art from the past few decades, with current artists popping through to say hello.  His knowledge as a glass artist is vast and his connections to other artists who know what he does not is invaluable in developing great art.  His calm teaching style allow for newbies (like me) to learn at a pace that works for the individual.  And he’s humble as heck.  John is a superb artist. Don’t let him saying otherwise fool you.  He’s a great resource to learn about glass, the art industry itself, and life.  You can’t go wrong learning from John Nutter!       ~Damian John, BC


"Recently, I had the good fortune of spending several days with John becoming fully immersed in the creative process specific to Sandblast Glass. During my time with John my confidence, and abilities grew, and I ultimately produced several pieces that I am very pleased with. John's expertise, pleasant nature, and on-going conversations made for a most enjoyable experience."    ~ Cloyd Barth, Winnipeg


The last few years I discovered a new medium for me. On my many trips to Vancouver I began working with John Nutter at Granville Island. He's a genius at glasswork and sandblasting and has been mentoring me. He has Bill Reid's original studio which was wonderful as we had worked together here with Bill in the 80''s and 90's.

It's a wonderful medium as I can work in positive and negative and using the two sides gives my art an added dimension. The art can float and has an airy almost mystical quality to it and I've been using this concept to do my dragonfly series and water themes..

My main goal with my art is simply to put a smile on someone's face."       

~ Val Malesku, Haida Gwaii, BC


​"​I am a textile artist who needed a break. I got that working awhile in John’s studio, which just happens to be the former Bill Reid studio on Granville Island. John is a good teacher for people like me who usually work on their own, because he makes suggestions but not too many, and when he brings in the glass designed by you and freshly sand-blasted by him? Really exciting!"  ~Vernal Bogren Swift, Haida Gwaii, BC

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